Serious Illnesses

At Ferrer&Ojeda we have designed this product after a long period of observing how Life Risk coverage works. In this type of coverage, a significant sum is paid out to the heirs in the event of the death of the insured party, or to the insured party him/herself in the event of invalidity. Nonetheless, we very often discover that it is with the start of a serious illness, reversible or not, when our client really needs the funds.


With these funds, the insured party can:

> Pay for the treatment required for recovery (regardless of whether or not this is covered by a healthcare guarantee).

> Supplement the lack of income in the event of inability to work.

> Often, when recovering from extreme situations, long, costly psychological services are required.

> Provide access to top-level plastic surgery.

> We can decide how we wish to live our final months or years without worrying about money.


The coverage becomes effective with 50% of the principal contracted upon diagnosis of the serious illness, and the remaining  50% is the life-risk principal, to be received by the heirs in the event of death.

All this guarantees that our insured clients receive the financial help they need, when they really need it.

Do not hesitate to ask us about the illnesses covered, the principals that can be taken out and costs. 




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