Biologists Catalonia

As Ferrer&Ojeda is specialised in the Biologists of Spain Collective, through this agreement we are able to offer members in Catalonia access to special coverage and price conditions for individual company and/or private insurance.


Policies are issued individually for each member and in accordance with whether they are natural persons or legal entities.

Description of insured risk:

Civil liability derived from exercising the profession of biologist, depending on the type of activity:

> Documentation, Sales, Marketing, Training and Teaching.

> Other activities.


Coverage options:

Maximum compensation limit per claim and year:

> Option 1: €600,000

> Option 2:   €1,200,000


Guarantees contracted:

> Professional CL

> Damage to Property

> Operating CL (including external work)

> Damage to leased property

> Subsidiary CL Subcontractors

> Employer's CL

> CL for Accidental Contamination


Other types of coverage we offer include:

For members:

> Civil Liability of Directors and Officers

> Health Care (Collective Health Policies)

> Vehicle fleets

> Refrigerated Goods or similar

> Civil Liability for equipment with nuclear radiation (X-rays, etc.)


For professionals and companies:

> Material damages (offices, premises, laboratories, etc.)

> Consequential damages (loss of earnings)

> Civil Liability

> Computers and electronic equipment

> Transport

> Collective insurance for individuals

> Subsidy for illness or accident


For private individuals:

> Household

> Life

> Accidents

> Retirement

> Vehicles

> Travel insurance

> Health

> Legal expenses