Since 9 December 2003, we have maintained a collaboration agreement in the field of insurance with the Catalan Association of Municipalities and Regions (Associació Catalana de Municipis i Comarques  – ACM).  


The agreement came into effect as a result of the following premises:

> Being aware of the increasing complexity and problems for local authorities, of the insurance of their assets and of their liability.

> Owing to the increasing number of claims made against Government Agencies.

> The need to offer high-quality risk cover.


At Ferrer&Ojeda, we provide guidance on and analyse the needs of each associated local authority, with 4 objectives in mind:

> To improve the technical and legal task of taking out the different risk policies.

> To optimise processing and costs on the basis of each case.

> To provide appropriate management, as well as technical, legal and procedural advice in the resolution of the possible claims that may arise.

> To periodically audit the risks and contracts in force in order to adapt them to new needs and circumstances.


Types of coverage that we offer:

> Technical and legal guidance in the field of insurance.

> Management and processing of contracts and claims.

> Study analysis of the local council's needs. Property Inventory.

> Joint design of the products with the aim of adapting them to the needs of each local council:   

Material damage to patrimonial assets.

Consequential damages: economic losses.

Civil Liability.

Break-down of machinery.


Exhibitions and showcases.

Suspension of shows/Contingencies.


> Special collective insurance policies (Life, Accidents, Health, Savings, Retirement, Pensions, etc.) for Councillors, Civil Servants and contracted personnel.

> Preferential conditions for the Municipal Civil Servants and contracted personnel, as well as the family members thereof, when taking out their personal insurance policies.

> Legal Expenses (expenses and claims for damages, defence of the Local Council's rights against claims or damages brought about by third parties, as well as the criminal defence of Councillors and Civil Servants against claims received in the exercise of their posts, claims for damages and liability for property on public roads, employment contracts, etc.).