Why F&O?

As brokers, we transform insurance policies into a tool for stability, peace of mind and confidence in the future. We guarantee you the optimal functionality of the insurance products in their different phases and, above all, at the most crucial moment.


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 insurance for companies

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Personalised Guidance: the first step in obtaining a high-quality insurance programme is recognising and quantifying the risks we face, both now and in the future. That is why we work alongside you to detect them, prevent them, analyse their impact and provide solutions for them.




Solution Proposals: Our experience and renown in the insurance market are the tools that allow us to obtain conditions and coverage within the reach of very few. The aim is to protect you from the risks detected, offering the suitable guarantees, coverage and costs.


Maintenance/Monitoring: your insurance and that of your company must evolve with you. That is why we monitor the validity of the conditions and coverage, ensuring that they are always adapted to your present situation and that of the market.


Claim Support and Processing: the moment of the claim is when all the groundwork must bear its fruit. It is the crucial moment. We provide you with a team of experts in the analysis, approach, processing and resolution of claims. Our sole objective is to defend your interests.