Through this agreement, Ferrer&Ojeda offers Members access to special coverage and price conditions for both individual and collective contracting of company and/or private insurance, agreed with Vetersalud, S.L.


This agreement is initially based on the following products:


Objectives of the insurance: The company is obliged to repair the damage or pay compensation or benefit corresponding to the damage to property suffered by the insured party subsequent to a claim covered by the guarantees of the policy.


Requirements for taking out the policy:

>The animals must be in a perfect state of health and comply with all the provisions referring to sanitary controls and vaccination programmes established by the official bodies.

> The insured party must be the sole owner of the animals.

> The animals must be identified by means of a microchip, or in the absence thereof, an official marking.

> They must be between the ages of three months and eight years at the time of taking out the policy.


Documentation required to take out the policy:

> Number of microchip or official marking

> Vaccination card

> Official vet's certificate: this must be fully valid when taking out the insurance policy



General exclusions:

> All pets under three months of age.

> Any incident which takes place outside the European Union.

> Any previously existing illness or one which appears during the first 30 days from the policy coming into effect.

> Claims related with a situation, symptom or event already existing prior to the policy coming into force.

> Animals whose age is equal to or greater than 14 years.

> Any loss or damage brought about by war, disturbances, revolutions or similar situations.

> Any obligation which may arise with regard to radioactive contamination, nuclear accident or other similar events.

> Work animals, understanding as such those animals which are used for commercial purposes, for security or as guardians, for races or for reproduction.

> Any damages derived from Risks and Guarantees not expressly included in the Particular Conditions of the Policy, other than those defined in these General Specific Conditions, or expressly excluded in any of the aforesaid Conditions.

> Any damages which may arise when the claim is due to the recklessness or bad faith of the Insured Party, including damages caused by ill-treatment, excessive work, poor hygiene, insufficient nutrition or by the lack of care and due diligence required for the normal care of animals.

> The death or putting down an animal in the event of non-compliance with the provisions of Article 9, Actions in the event of a claim.

> Indirect losses and damages of any kind suffered by the Insured Party in a claim covered by the policy.

> Claims arising as a consequence of:

The animals' participation in challenges, disputes, bets or organised fights.

Hunting and the use of animals in game packs.

Contamination, pollution or degradation of the environment.

Nuclear reaction or radiation, radioactive contamination or nuclear transmutation, whatever the cause thereof.

Damages arising directly or indirectly from, or which may have resulted or may result in war, invasion, acts of foreign enemies, hostilities (regardless of whether war has been declared or not), civil war, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, usurped military power, tumult, strikes, civil commotion, confiscation, nationalisation, commandeering or destruction by any government, public or local authority, or any other Body competent in the matter.


> Damage to animals which:

Do not comply with any of the prior indispensable conditions for the animals to be insurable by this policy, which are specified in Article 3, Insurable Goods, of these Specific General Conditions.

Are not expressly included in the Particular Conditions of the Policy.

> All that which fails to comply with the Animal Protection Act in the insured animal's area of Residence.