Many years back, I received a call from the grandson of a client who, over 70 years ago, had placed his faith in my grandfather. He was very sincere, telling me that he still held his insurance with us,  for both his company and family, because his father and grandfather valued the fact that we had always been at their side. Now that the decision was in his hands, he wanted to know whether he could still count on our closeness and dedication, despite the constantly changing world we live in. Just like his grandfather before him, he didn't want to entrust the peace of mind and safety  of his family to just anyone.

That call made me see the core value of Ferrer&Ojeda: looking after individuals and companies who trust in us, and the importance of being at their side when they really need us.

I still have a good relationship with the client who phoned me that day and made me take stock and reflect on the relevance of what we had done and what was still left for us to do. I discovered that, thanks to constantly building up our efforts and creating a marvellous human team, Ferrer&Ojeda had fulfilled a dream that started many years ago, in the hands of our grandfathers  and the clients who always trusted in them.



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