Being F&O

Our commitment to Ferrer&Ojeda's long history means that all the reflections, decisions and actions we make every day take into account the corporate aim: to guarantee stability, protection and prosperity to both companies and families, year after year.


Above all, this dedication to continuity requires and demands commitments. Commitments from all those of us who, in one way or another, form part of this business project. 

Commitments to our clients, who form the cornerstone of our professional and human development.

Commitments to ourselves, investing in helping to improve individuals and not to dispense with them.

Commitments with our suppliers, ensuring honesty and transparency throughout the long journey we are undertaking and will continue to undertake together in the future.

Commitments to our setting, carrying out our activities in line with the current world situation and helping to maintain responsible, stable and high-quality jobs.


Being Ferrer&Ojeda is all about combining experience, creativity and talent. It is about passion felt for a profession that is responsible for helping people when they most need it. It is about knowing and feeling that the efforts made with today's client were and are the key to our present and to our future. 

We are fully aware that we work in a people-oriented business, which is why our human team is our greatest strength. We are a group that has continued to grow based on its work ethic and its commitment to the future.


2010 136 People
2011 156 People
2012 159 People
2013 162 People

*Growth of the F&O team


Our independence is patent through the wide range of insurance companies and the low concentration of coverage contracted in each one of them. We currently have 110 codes open with 236 operators in Spain, and no insurance company accounts for more than 25% of our portfolio. 


*Companies by % of policies taken out

Insurance for families

Insurance for companies

Insurance for institutions