Our way of understanding and developing a relationship with the client consists of generating and transmitting confidence.

We have a team of 50 family insurance specialists working exclusively to develop innovative insurance programmes, detecting and  solving those needs of which the consumer is usually unaware. 

Our extensive experience in insuring Family Companies means that we are  true specialists in managing insurance programmes for the  "Entrepreneurial Family", developing more competitive models adapted to their situation.

98% of our clients renew their confidence in us, year after year, thanks to an excellent response at the crucial moment.

50% of all our clients have been placing their faith in us for over 10 years, representing a mean life cycle of over 20 years.

14,443 people trust us to insure the most important things for them: their health, life and savings. 


Ferrer&Ojeda's individual clients reward us with their renewal year after year. That is why our policies have a much higher mean term than the Spanish average.


*Mean terms compared with the Spanish mean in three example sectors.


Our clients' faith in us can be clearly seen in our high mean number of policies per client (3.7 policies/client).


Drivers Insured
6,770 Claims Resolved