Life Risk and Accident

At Ferrer&Ojeda we are fully aware of the importance of the family. That is why we have a team of professionals specialised in Life Insurance working on a daily basis to guarantee the peace of mind of your loved ones.


Life Risk:

This is the contract through which the Insurance Company undertakes, through a periodic or single premium received from the policy holder, to pay the beneficiary the stipulated sum:

> If the eventuality envisaged in the policy that effects the life of the Insured Party occurs.

> If this eventuality occurs within a predetermined period of time (temporary), or when it occurs (whole life).


In LIFE insurance policies, the main risks covered may be death and permanent invalidity, owing to illness or accident, or survival, depending on the type of policy selected.

The coverage of the principal risks may be combined with complementary financial operations.



The aim is to guarantee compensation for the consequences the Insured Party may suffer owing to an accident involving bodily injury.

An accident is understood as any violent, sudden, external event beyond the control of the Insured Party.

This type of insurance offers a range of noteworthy options:

> The insurance may be taken out for one person or for a collective.

> It may also be taken out to cover the risks of professional activity, extra-professional activity or for both at the same time.

> As a collective, the principal may be agreed upon freely or it may be subject to the commitments of a labour agreement.

> We recommend that the beneficiaries should be named for when the indemnity cannot be received by the Insured party him/herself.

> It is also subject to geographical and temporal coverage conditions.

> The most generic types of coverage are: death, permanent invalidity, temporary  disability and health care.



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