Death and funeral expenses

At Ferrer&Ojeda we provide solutions for all those who wish to leave matters settled for their loved ones during their most difficult moments.  Nowadays, products covering Funeral Expenses are among the most comprehensive, scalable and adaptable to the most diverse concerns and wishes.


The principal coverage of these products resolves everything related to:

> Coffin, hearse, dressing and casketing, funeral chapel or funeral home.

> Processing of the documentation required for registering the death in the Civil Registry.

> Religious services, complimentary services (wreaths, mementos, etc.), etc.

> Entry rights to the cemetery, niche or cremation, and the costs of a niche burial.

> Accompaniment and personalised assistance throughout the provision of the entire service.

In addition, Legal Assistance, post-mortem legal services, administration services, transport services, etc. are usually offered.

Similarly, a wide range of additional guarantees are offered, such as coverage with life or invalidity principals, hospitalisation, will management services, Travel Insurance coverage and other health and welfare services.


All of this with very different payment formats, which can be adapted to your current and future financial situation:

> Progressive Premium: The premium is paid on the basis of age, and thus increases annually.

> Balanced Premium: a prior calculation is made and the premium is balanced so that a constant quota is paid.

> Progressive Premium: less is paid with each passing year, so that you pay most when you are young and have maximum earning power.

> Single Premium: the entire premium is paid in one go. Take advantage of all the discounts that this entails and forget about your funeral services forever.


So much variety in coverage, insurance companies and payment methods requires specialised guidance in order to transform your needs, expectations and financial situation into the coverage you and your family truly need.




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