Vehicle fleets

We have a vastly experienced department specialised in vehicle fleets. We offer personalised guidance and attention from top specialists. We always guarantee the optimal response solution for the needs of our clients, combining both quality and innovation. We also have a specific department for processing and managing claims.


Rapid quote on the basis of the data obtained from technical visits and the analysis of documentation.

Integral fleet management.


Monitoring fleet expiry:

> Control and renegotiation of the premium upon maturity and/or re-quoting.

> Prior knowledge of the premium: essential for improved accounting provision.

Fleet management offers a number of advantages over managing vehicles individually. It is our job to make them available to you at the lowest possible cost in terms of time and money:

Improved accident management.

Improved management of the performance of certain vehicles with high accident rates, offset by other vehicles with good performance.

Simple identification of problematic drivers.

Unified, periodic maturity and payments:

> Easier to verify and control costs.

> Improved cash flow management


Unnamed driver: There is the possibility of naming a driver or specifying that it is an "authorised individual" with no surcharge for young people or for individuals who have held a driving licence for a short time.


Ease of management:

> Ease of implementing new inclusions and exclusions:


Immediate issue of the insurance certificate or policy (depending on the company):

> Greater facilities for returning unearned premiums.

> Less work for the client:

> Inclusion of vehicles belonging to individuals linked to the company.

> Vehicles of all categories.




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