We like looking after people and, often, this means looking after their homes. Our homes contain what we most love and cherish, so we should not forget to pay proper attention to this coverage.


Taking out a household policy is, at times, more complex than they would have us believe. A household may have characteristics which make it potentially risky. So it is essential that, in an initial phase, a professional should participate in the prevention and subsequently in choosing the coverage for the same.

Besides this, setting the proper valuations is not a simple task and, if they are not set correctly, they can severely undermine the quality of coverage.


At Ferrer&Ojeda we provide all manner of solutions for all types of households:

> First and second homes.

> Complex flats with a high content value.

> Uninhabited dwellings.

> Buildings with complex materials.

> Mansions, farmhouses and other estates.

> Content including works of art and valuables.


At Ferrer&Ojeda we analyse the different policies on the market, taking the best ones and adapting them with exclusive guarantees for our clients, so that at the crucial moment, their household policy solves their problems and allows them to return to normality.



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