Credit solutions

Credit Insurance offers policy holders a series of services which make it a valuable instrument in conducting their business activity, considerably improving their financial circumstances, their solvency before third parties, and, in short, their profit and loss account.


These services are:

> Information on clients

> Recovery management

> Indemnity/advance payments

> Increased solvency

> Special discount rates


Information on clients 

Making proper use of the information provided to them, the Insured Parties can and must target their sales towards those customers and sectors that are clearly solvent, and on the other hand, limit or exclude those customers to whom, owing to the delicate situation, it is not advisable to give credit.


Recovery management:

Every entrepreneur who decides to take out a credit policy will enjoy access to an extensive network of debt collectors throughout the world as an included service. 

This is extremely important on both domestic and international levels, since recovery management must be conducted through lawyers located in the area in which the incident has occurred, while it is also essential to be fully conversant with the current legislation in the country to which, in the case of exporting, the sale is targeted.

The recovery of a credit entails the advance payment to conduct the necessary procedures, to pay legal representatives, etc. The majority of companies anticipate this, and not all of them are adversely affected by it along with the other expenses which arise from recovery  in the definitive settlement of the claim.


Indemnity/Advance Payments

The most characteristic service of a credit policy is the indemnity, in the case of a claim, through which the Insured Party recovers the full amount of their bad debts.

The Company, regardless of whether it is obliged to pay compensation for the sum established in the policy or an amount subject to the credit classification issued to each of the Insured Party's clients, will always focus its collection procedures on the full recovery of the debt.


Increased solvency

Through a credit policy, the Insured Party is insuring its principal asset, represented in the risk it has with each customer in the event of non-payment.

It is quite common for a company to insure its fixed assets and fail to realise that what really should be insured is its working capital.

In this way, the company will enjoy increased solvency before any third party, although especially before financial institutions.


Special discount rates

As a consequence of the aforesaid service, the increased solvency  represented by having all our assets insured and the possibility of transferring our rights, the Insured Party will always be in an unbeatable position to negotiate the discounting of bills to a lower rate.


Ferrer&Ojeda is the ideal partner, since for many years we have firmly believed in credit coverage as an essential tool for guaranteeing the stability and future of companies with significant amounts of working capital. That is why we always have professional experts who only deal with policies of this type, since cover of this nature requires individuals who are fully conversant with the particular characteristics of a constantly changing market with countless solutions for companies.



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