Product CL

All industrial manufacturing companies and the majority of commercial and distribution companies are responsible for the damages that the products they manufacture or distribute may cause to third parties. These damages may affect end-users or the different actors in the value chain, giving rise to heavy compensation claims.


With this in mind, it is crucial to be fully conversant with the different possible uses and processes of your product once it leaves your facilities. Only in this way is it possible to quantify the risks to which you are subject and to protect yourself accordingly. 

At Ferrer&Ojeda we offer you our technical experts, with years of experience in the field of industrial engineering and risk protection, to analyse your situation and provide the most suitable guarantees in each case.


We place special emphasis on:

The term of coverage and the acceptance of past claims


Establishing additional guarantees such as:

> Those produced by joining and mixing our product with others.

> Assembly and dismantling expenses.

> Product withdrawal expenses (increasingly important for exporting companies).

> Knowledge of products acquired from third parties for the finishing of our product.


In-depth analysis of financial losses, not only from the direct costs of claims and withdrawals, but also those derived from production stoppages and the loss of clients or trust. 

Scope of cover: it is increasingly important to determine where our products may end up and to be able to determine the scope of our liability and the jurisdiction under which it falls.

At Ferrer&Ojeda we do all this and, above all, we are committed to staying at your side and defending your interests in the event of a Product CL claim that affects your business aims. Our claims experts analyse the case, validate their arguments and defend them against insurance companies, clients and government agencies.



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