Systematic Savings

We understand saving as being the optimal route towards families' stability and future. That is why we work to encourage and facilitate saving, since risk coverage exists to help us through difficult moments, but it is saving which will help us maintain our quality of life over time.


The main aim of  savings insurance  is to obtain a return on the premium deposited with the Insurance Company in order to establish, at retirement date or on maturity of the policy (it may even be 1 year), a principal that the insured party will receive as a one-off payment or annuity.

The main coverage is the survival of the insured party to retirement age, but they also cover other risks, such as death or invalidity.

Savings insurance has a return guaranteed by the insurance company, irrespective of how the financial markets evolve.

Whilst premiums are being paid, there is no taxation at all, and the current tax regulations are applied when they are paid out. They are currently taxed as returns on real property (taxed on the capital gain) at 21% (25% - 27%).

Products of this type can be redeemed before maturity.



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